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Get ready to unravel the thrilling tokenomics of Snek on Eth, the most
hiss-terical crypto meme coin out there!

 Check out these fun-filled details:

 - Liquidity Swirl — 85%
We dedicate a whopping 85% of our token supply to Uniswap Liquidity Provisioning (LP). This ensures a smooth, slippery liquidity experience. No liquidity jams on our watch!

 - Marketing Magic — 8%
We're all about making Snek on Ethereum visible and growing it big. That's why we allocate 8% of our
tokens to marketing efforts. Get ready for Snek on Ethereum to conquer the crypto kingdom!

 - Unforeseen Adventures — 5%
Life is full of surprises, and so is Snek on Eth! We set aside 5% of our tokens for unexpected opportunities and expenses. Whether it's new listings, expansions, or wild partnerships, we're always ready for a thrilling ride!

 - Creator Rewards — 2%
Creator Rewards: We believe in appreciating our talented creators. That's why we allocate a sssss-special 2% of tokens as rewards for our brilliant minds. These rewards are locked for one year, ensuring a well-deserved treat for the genius behind Snek.

 - Let's Go! — 100%
Gather 'round and join the Snek on Eth frenzy! It's tokenomics like you've never seen before. Let's slither our way to success and have a blast along the way!


Thanks to our awesome in-house digital artist @netnft, we've gained a huge collection of awesome $SNEKE Pals NFT's.
We've got a collection on NOUNS, which offers holders 1 vote per held NFT which can be used to VOTE and set PROPOSALS for the future of $SNEKE. You can also obtain $SNEKE Pals through which are cheaper, but don't offer voting power. You can exchange 5 On Demand Sneke Pals NFT's for 1 NOUNS NFT which will enables you to vote and propose on the NOUNS DAO.

We've got an exciting bonus for our new holders up to Sept. 1, 2023. Our new DAO NFT holders are now eligable to win a WHOPPING 100M $SNEKE. You can check the Twitter article HERE



Community Projects

Currently, we have no running community projects yet. Feel free though to start your own project. Hit us up on the telegram channel and provide us your information. We'll list you on our upcoming 'Community Projects' page. 😁

A little bit about us...

Once in a blue moon, a dev-ops team emerges from the
blockchain depths, enchanting meme coin fans with unmatched enthusiasm. Meet the awesome crew behind Snek on Eth, a dynamic team of seasoned professionals with years of crypto experience. They blend expertise with humor, creating a vibrant community that sets them apart.

What makes the Snek on Eth dev-ops team special?
It's the team's direct engagement with the community. No faceless
developers here! They're transparent, accessible, and always up for a
good chat on Telegram. Trust and connection matter to them.

But it's not just their chill vibes that impress. This team has weathered countless market storms and knows crypto inside out. From coding smart contracts to riding the wild wave of decentralized memes, they've done it all. Snek on Eth rests on their solid expertise.

Looking for a meme coin that breaks the mold?
Look no further than Snek on Eth. Join their Telegram, meet real people
ready to share laughs, answer questions, and bring a new level of
chillness to the meme coin world. Let's revolutionize together!

Partners and Collaborations

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